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Genesis EB Solutions (Pty) Ltd. ('Genesis EB') was established in 2002 and is recognised as one of the leading employee benefit companies in R.S.A. providing corporate clients with a "one stop shop" solution integrating Healthcare and Group Benefits. Genesis EB is contracted to all the recognised providers offering clients best of breed at all times.

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We have developed a proven service delivery mode that has been adopted as the industry practice. Where many of our competitors have failed, we have succeeded to integrate Healthcare and Group Benefits (retirement fund and group life) consulting services providing clients with cutting edge advice and solutions.

We are driven by an intense passion to increase the number of lives covered by private healthcare, protect families by offering group life benefits to companies and to cultivate a culture of savings by encourage companies to make available retirement funds to employees.

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New and Existing Members - Healthcare

  • Assistance to new employees with advice on choosing the appropriate option.
  • Obtain missing information on application forms.
  • Submission and tracking of application forms.
  • Providing advice to clients when accepted and explain any conditions/waiting periods that may have been imposed by the scheme.

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Group Benefits

New and Existing Members - Group Benefits

  •   Member benefit statements
  •   Fund withdrawals upon resignation of employment
  •   Advising on medical underwriting requirements
  •   Explanation of potential and restricted cover
  •   Advice on medical Free-cover limits

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Our Partners

As independent specialists in the employee benefits arena, "Genesis EB" harnesses the executive relationships with market leaders in areas of health care, retirement fund consulting, administration, group risk and investment consulting. Our clients experience the "best of breed" at all times.

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Human Resources & Reporting

Human Resources and Payroll Services

The following services are focused on assisting Human Resources and Financial Departments.

  •   Ongoing training of Human Resources and Payroll Staff with relation to Employee Benefits
  •   Attendance of medical scheme/healthcare and retirement fund meetings.

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Extended Services

Extended Services - Healthcare

  •   Periodic training of Healthcare Committee.
  •   Revision or drafting of a Healthcare Benefits Policy.
  •   Revision of subsidy policy and contribution strategies.
  •   Implementation and member education with regard to the Policy.

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Service Team

The Executive Team

As an industry leader, "Genesis EB" has adopted an approach of accessibility hence all clients and members have access to the Executive Team at any time. At times Executives assist with facilitating escalations and complaints at a higher authority at schemes, funds and administrators.

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Contact Details

Member Contact Centre: +27 (0)86 010 2217
General Queries: queries@gebs.co.za
Information: info@gebs.co.za